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Pursu Change

The Pursu ethos is to be considerate of our wonderful environment and ride our bikes without leaving a trace. We believe in sustainability and that’s why we have partnered with Parkside to use their 100% home compostable packaging solution.

What is compostable packaging?

Compostable films are biodegradable materials that break down naturally under specific composting conditions.

What is compostable film made of?

The packaging is made from sustainable sources including eucalyptus tree pulp and water based glues. The packaging has gained accreditation by TUV Austria OK compost HOME to guarantee complete compostability within 26 weeks at ambient temperature.

The film is made of 5 elements:

1) Compostable Grade Paper Layer – Made from FSC, PEFC accredited pulp, for every tree felled, at least one more is planted. The paper has been tested to ensure that it does not contain any toxic elements that could damage the soil.

2) Cellulose Layer - Made from sustainably grown eucalyptus trees from managed plantations.

3) Aluminium Layer – This helps provide a good moisture barrier and is thin enough to disintegrate into the soil and does not leave any toxic elements.

4) Inks – The inks used contain a lower amount of metal than inks usually used on plastic products.

5) Water based adhesive – Solvent based glues have been replaced by water based glues to guarantee non-toxicity.

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In Britain, millions of bikes are thrown away or lie unused in sheds, whilst many people in Africa have no access to transport of any kind. People spend hours each day walking to collect water, firewood or to access school or employment. A bike lightens this burden and dramatically improves their wellbeing.

Re-Cycle is a bike recycling charity who collects donated bikes from the UK and ships them to their charity partners in Africa. They also provide bike maintenance training and have set up bike workshops in Gambia and Ghana. They have big plans to expand this service to other parts of Africa, also helping school children.

They make sure the bikes they send are good quality, sturdy and sustainable. They are scrutinised by certified mechanics for suitability and repaired in Africa by trained mechanics. Any bikes which are not suitable for use in Africa, are either sold or stripped for parts by volunteers. All money raised from the sale of these bikes is used to support the charity’s on-going costs.

Transport and development go hand-in-hand. Virtually everything traded, must be transported, and almost everyone needs wheels to get to work or school. Simple, affordable transport generates income opportunities in developing countries, as well as saving lots of time and back-breaking work.

Re-Cycle provides families with the chance to earn, learn and enjoy life. Pursu are donating 1p for every bar sold to Re-Cycle and we’ll support Re-Cycle with fundraising campaigns to help progress their mission.

Find out more at Re-Cycle on their website