Our partner for the bogaya bananas used in our Banana bar started their company in Uganda in the early 1990s. They wanted to help Ugandan farmers sell their fruits at good prices in European Markets.  


Solar Drying Benefits

Solar fruit drying seemed the answer. Its an affordable technology, uses only renewable energy (the sun),  adds value, extends shelf life, and makes fruits more transportable, retaining waste at the point where it is grown.  Fruits are sun dried when fresh and fully ripe so capturing flavour - and with our solar drying systems, no preservatives or sugars are added. They set up a network of farmer suppliers with Fruits of the Nile and soon they were importing their first sun dried bananas and pineapples from farmers.



Fairtrade means more than just buying fruits at Fairtrade prices. Our partner also provides technical advice to all of their suppliers. This can be helping with factory management and design, advising on organic and Fairtrade certification, or on best agricultural  practice. Staff from Africa or Asia can benefit from coming to their factory in the UK for in-house training.  They also help their partners get development funding to grow and improve their businesses.


Banana Benefits

Fairtrade Bogoya bananas have been hand sliced and sun dried in solar driers. They are 100% free from added sugar and preservatives. They have a deep, almost toffee like flavour which is extremely delicious! "Bogoya" is the Ugandan name for the variety of banana they are made from. Because they are dried at temperatures lower than 42C, bogoya bananas are suitable for a raw food diet.


We're proud to be working with ethical partners who are considerate and mindful of the end to end food production process, from the lives of the farmers to the quality of the food whilst minimising the impact on our environment.