By Sanjay Soni, Pursu Founder


Most keen cyclists have experienced the addictive nature of being on a bike, the sense of freedom, speed and the happy effects of serotonin. I always loved riding my metallic blue Raleigh Griffer as a kid.



Many years later I experienced a stressful period at work, caught a virus and then struggled to regain my health. Initially diagnosed with post-viral fatigue and 6 months later the diagnosis changed to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)/ME. Effectively a form of burnout with symptoms such as extreme fatigue, nausea and migraines.


Unfortunately I couldn’t find much positive news about CFS/ME recovery at the time. After trying many different treatments I discovered a clinic that specialised in CFS/ME and used a combination of nutrition and a cognitive therapy based on Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP).


Gradually I started to improve and after approximately a year I started working again. I occasionally experienced symptoms and some not so good days however overall I felt great!


Cycling to recovery

I rediscovered cycling again when my arm was twisted by colleagues at work to take part in the London to Brighton charity ride. Since recovering from CFS/ME, I hadn’t done any long distance endurance sports so was a bit concerned about potentially trigging a relapse.


I had nothing to be concerned about as I felt great and fell back in love with cycling again. As time went on my time on the bike increased and the challenges got harder.


 It took a few years to build up the confidence to join a cycling club, but when I did I never looked back. I met an amazing group of new friends and inspirational people.  



As I was spending more time on my bike over the years I realised that most of the sports nutrition options on the market were highly processed, high in sugars and gave me stomach issues. I started making my own energy bars with real food ingredients and they tasted so much better plus my stomach was much happier.


 The path to taking the products from my kitchen to a larger scale kitchen was not an easy or quick one, there were many obstacles and the ability to adapt was key. I stuck to my values throughout the process and that included only using the best quality real food ingredients, sustainability and creating an inclusive brand that inspires people to  live healthy active lives whilst eating well.


The name Pursu has been inspired by the Pursuit cycling events and represents the Pursuit of better nutrition, the Pursuit of goals and ambitions. The bar packaging 100% home compostable and is made out of bio-based materials. It’s certified by TUV Austria to degrade completely within 26 weeks at an ambient temperature. This makes Pursu proud to be a single-use plastic free brand.


In addition we have partnered with a great charity called Recycle ( who supply unused bikes from the UK Africa to help improve lives through the power of bicycles. We will donate 1p from every bar sold directly to Re-Cycle to help progress their mission.


In line with our vision to inspire people to live healthy active lives we will be sharing stories of inspirational people who have either overcome adversity or achieved greatness through the power of sport. We’ll notify you when we release our Pursu Inspire stories via social media and you can sign up at the bottom of the homepage to our newsletters to receive notifications of new stories and tasty offers.